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Hello all~


I’m opening ink commission internationally.  This is my first time doing this so there might be mistakes here and there so please lend me your support! m(__  __)m


Prices are in USD (not including postage + shipping yet) and to be paid via Paypal only.


Prices details:

USD10/character (+ USD5 for each character) – Half body

❖ Artwork will be drawn in A5 paper.

❖ You’ll receive hi-resolution (300dpi) scan of the image.

❖ Original artworks can be mailed / shipped upon request.

❖ I'm allowed to display / use the work in any of my galleries / portfolios/ blogs.


USD15-20/character – Full body

❖ Artwork will be drawn in A4 paper.

❖ Price varies depending on the details difficulty.

❖ You’ll receive high-resolution (300dpi) scan of the image.

❖ Original artworks can be mailed / shipped upon request.

❖ I'm allowed to display / use the work in any of my galleries / portfolios / blogs.


To request, send me a DA-note with the following details:


Name of character:

Character description/personality: Please make it short or with summarized key points.

References: Links to visual references of your character.

Other comments:



I will note you Paypal details after request is confirmed and I will start working once I receive the USD5 deposit, to see that you are committed with your orders. Payment within the week of confirmation is recommended.

Once I finish I will let you know with watermarked preview and once you pay the rest of the price I will give you all the things.


This commission is for personal use only! Meaning, you can’t sell or use it commercially from the received image.

If you are interested for commercial use of my artwork you can email me more at:


Thank you for your kind support! m(__ __)m's my first time spending Christmas alone since I can't make it in time to go back home due to college homework..
we were not suppose to be given any task during our holiday breaks but apparently my program leader just love to add more torture in our already torturous final year.. =w=

at least I can make it home for New Year!! :'D

Ok, not gonna spoil your holiday mood! Merry Christmas!

Just updating my journal, I'm still alive and lurking here from time to time.. 

Will try to update my gallery more but the problem is I'm too lazy to scan all my works... 

And still hyper looping Shingeki no Kyojin's OP single album.. finally after the long wait ;w;
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really need to revive my gallery after almost a year (or more? i think...) of hiatus coz of school... and some other things..

well, to make it short, i'll mostly upload sketches of fanarts that i did to relieve my stress during school period.
currently is hooked to Kuroko no Basuke, K, Hyouka, and many more.. i make fanart on impulse i guess, so there's no exact time of when i'll go tired of a series. if it's worth a re-watch then i'll watch it again :'D

oh and i'll be cleaning up my gallery so.. well it looked more updated XD

Journal update just for the sake of it~

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 6:55 AM

Trying out skins since i we got 1-day premium membership XD

and school starts, and my lecturer immediately killed us with the deadlines in the first day ( ; ω ; )
i hope this will be a good year for my Level 2 in Animation and i don't die early~ XD;;

won't be taking request for the mean time but still going to work on those which i already accepted, just so you know ;3

  • Listening to: Kuroko no Basuke Chara Songs
  • Reading: children books for assignment >.>
  • Watching: Kuroko no Basuke, Shirokuma Cafe, Hyouka
it's the last lap before my final assessment next week.. and i've break down to fever last night..
i miss drawing things for myself, things that won't get rejected, things that i'll be proud of, most importantly it expresses my honest feelings when i made it..

heh, now i'm blabbering nonsense things due to stress =w="
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  • Watching: my projects being edited
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Can't believe that I'll be back in studying routine next week!! OMG I must endure it again for around 5 months :'(

Hope that I won't get too stressed.. Stress is always around of course but I'll try to keep it in minimum =__=" And also I might be doing a lot of figure drawing studies this semester and i got a feeling there will be nude models posing for us... *sigh* I must try to reduce my manga-ish style in my drawing for that or my PL will start saying things =____="

....but!! I won't completely abandoned my manga style of course!! :iconlaplz:
I'll try to update my (dead) gallery once a week with anything, even if it's only a sketch. yep this will be my challenge for myself as well as my way to reduce stress~ :lol:
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✻ still have to complete an art trade which i held back since a month ago >.<

✻ plans to color any of my picture that i did during break times while doing assignments ^^;

✻ my presentation homework from college =w="

well that's pretty much the main thing i will be doing during my break.. and will continue playing my FFType-0 after i left it during assessment and got caught up playing Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extended XD;;
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it's almost assessment and yet.. WHY AM I HERE PLAYING FFType-0?!?!?! XD;;;
i should finish my remaining works but seems that college's close due to Eid Mubarak holiday.. and i can't do it at home since i don't have the software for my HW.. ^^;

oh well... *goes play some more =3=*
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  • Watching: Guilty Crown
  • Playing: Final Fantasy Type-0
  • Drinking: more water ;P
after a month trying and studying in Animation faculty, it turns out that i really like it XD
sure it's stressful everyday with assignments but, although it's stressful i still can enjoy it.
although i feel like dying slowly every week with all that pressure, i still enjoy it XD;;

i might try to upload what have i learned if i have time. maybe some of you might be interested to look at it.. if not it's still ok :P
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  • Watching: No. 6, Natsume Yuujinchou, Mononoke
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yet i feel like i don't want it to start yet :/ still up in the middle of midnight while i fly back to where i study tomorrow. it's just maybe coz i'm afraid if i sleep then it turns out i can't sleep then i'll start thinking about all things that'll come from now on...

oh my head feels heavy from all of this stress :'(
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i need to practice on my drawing again.. it seems that all this holiday made my hand so stiff whenever scribbling something on paper and the result always not as i expected :/
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well this is... hard XD;; i never good in filling this kind of thing..
anyway, tagged by :iconksiazeaikka:

The rules are:
1→You must post these rules.
2→Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3→You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4→Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5→No tag backs.
6→No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you read this." You legitimately have to tag ten people.

01. i'm a girl :P
02. my DA username actually consist of my first and middle name ^^
03. i look much younger than my actual age that people always mistaken me as the younger sister whenever i go out with my sis *i'm the eldest ;___;*
04. i'm a heavy procrastinator =3=
05. i love making concept whenever i draw something, but it always came up not in the right time then it's gone by the time i grab my pencil ^^;
06. i love to listen to songs that got story in it, especially if it's about something... sad XD;;
07. it takes me a very long time to think of answers for this kind of tag thing =___=
08. i ran of ideas easily when filling this tag T^T
09.! ;P
10. i get bored easily :|

I tag:
:icongiogiorno: :iconhanna5028: :iconhanningcathan: :icontiiwii: :iconbellelicious: :iconeleonora23:
...... dunno who to tag anymore, and it's not like they'll do it if they were tagged =____=
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i got new DA avie made by my amazing TM sis :iconksiazeaikka: *w* and a new TM profile by her.
surprises in the morning really made my day XD thank you sis~
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just want to take down my previous diary *<< LOL TM influence XD;;* about ended assessment because...


uhmm.. ok this has been a very tiring and frustrating week and somehow I felt forced to do my works due to assessment.
I'm assigned at the FIRST day of assessment week so I don't really have much time
*although some of my works are done and I just need to re-check my checklist*

oh well nothing much to say.. good luck to myself~ b(=w=")d
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assessment are over and i can do what i want now~ XD
I'm in my assessment week..
but the worst thing is I don't feel like doing my projects :'(

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i've been experimenting on a short animation vid for my college assignment.

turns out i like it very much ^^

but it's taking a long time to finish~
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i'm starting college now.. i majored in art. i really wanted to draw more anime and manga characters but my school works won't allow me to do that...

I REALLY NEED A BREAK!! *even though it's still the FIRST week*





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2nd diary entry! yay~ ^v^

been obsessed with all kuroshitsuji 2 fanarts and already starting to make some ;)

will start college soon, so i think i'll slow down a bit in DA :/
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